Wolf Millionaire - Instagram Essentials 2.0

By Anthony Carbone

Essentials: About Me

Anthony Carbone

I never would’ve thought posting pictures on Instagram would turn into a 6-figure business for me… especially after I lost my job for the first time in my life a couple years ago!

In fact, it’s turned out to be much bigger than I ever expected. Especially when LAweekly.com, HuffingtonPost.com, Entrepreneur.com, TechCrunch.com, EliteDaily.com, AchieveIconic.com, TheNextWeb.com, NewsFactor.com reached out to ask how.

I’m just a regular guy from a small Canadian city that has figured out how to be financially free thanks to Instagram.

By following my passions and growing an Instagram Empire of accounts to over 18+ million followers I have been able to make a very healthy six figure annual income for the last couple years… All by posting photos of the things I love on Instagram. Now everyday feels like a weekend for me!

The thing is, it’s not just me who’s seen success from Instagram. I’ve had famous clients like Timothy Sykes, Neil Patel and Sara Underwood crush it on Instagram as a result of what I have taught them.

“Right when I started working with Anthony, I saw my income from Instagram dramatically increase”

Sara Underwood

Everyday people with no prior experience or education aged 13 to 40 years old continue to crush it on Instagram following their passions, postings photos of things they love while making money from doing so!

People happily pay personal trainers top dollar for their specialized knowledge and guidance. The same principle should apply for your business.

If you want to start a real company, my best advice is to follow someone successful who has done it before.

“Anthony’s strategies helped me generate $332,640 in 3 months from Instagram.”

Neil Patel

I’ve helped Tim Sykes build his Instagram account, which has helped him generate over $1 Million Dollars in additional income.

He even went out and purchased a Ferrari 458 Spider & Lamborghini Huracan Spyder with the money I helped him make on Instagram. He has been using FB, Twitter, and YouTube and nothing had got him results like this.

This is a guy who has been on Larry King, Steve Harvey, CNBC, Fox, CNN, Forbes, the list goes on and on.

“Before meeting Anthony I wasn’t making any money on Instagram and frankly it wasn’t worth my time. However, after Anthony showed me all his techniques and tricks I was able to make a ton of extra money - I even bought a new Ferrari. I owe him BIGTIME!”


Tim pays me handsomely (and even flew me to Turks And Caicos on his private jet for a weekend in the sun) in exchange for my Instagram advice and mentorship because he knows how valuable Instagram is! It’s the hottest and fastest growing Social Network in the world!

If YOU are serious about making money with Instagram, I can show you everything YOU need to know STEP-BY-STEP. The best part is YOU don’t even need a business, product or service to make money on Instagram!

I have an easy to follow along STEP-BY-STEP online video course explaining in detail how I have found success with Instagram.

Sign up here: www.WolfMillionaire.com

Not quite sure if you’re ready to dive in? In order to show you that I know what I am talking about when it comes to Instagram I also offer a FREE 35 page Instagram guide below that I just updated!

YOU can see immediate results if you learn to use these FREE strategies I am providing to motivate and teach you how lucrative & easy Instagram can be if you learn to TURN YOUR PLAY TIME INTO MONEY MAKING TIME! Let ME show YOU how!

I know my Instagram strategies can help YOU if YOU are willing to put in a little time and effort to learn from ME. I’ve done all the hard work figuring it all out and creating these 24+ hours of STEP-BY-STEP video guides simply for you to follow along at your own pace! It’s a lot easier than YOU think!

My Wolf Millionaire Video Guides have helped out thousands of students around the world who’ve put in the work following their passions with my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guide Strategies and achieved immediate results week after week, month after month! What are YOU waiting for?

Instagram Essentials 2.0 – Introduction

FREE BLOG: blog.wolfmillionaire.com
FREE VIDEOS: youtube.wolfmillionaire.com

Hi! I’m Anthony Carbone also known as The Wolf Millionaire. I want to help you understand how to maximize Instagram, find new & interesting accounts to motivate & inspire you, help you make new friends around the world, gain more followers and actually make money from your Instagram account as I (and many of my students) have in the last 3+ years.

I started my Instagram domination with only 1 account that had 700 followers and today I have over 18+ Million REAL Followers across 30+ accounts while continuing to earn a very healthy six figure annual salary and living in Toronto, Miami & Los Angeles.

This original and freshly updated Instagram Essentials tutorial is just an introduction to the world of money making opportunities on Instagram. Back in December 1st 2015 for the first time, I publicly released all of my STEP-BY-STEP video guides (NOW over 24+ hours & 80+ videos) revealing all my secrets and strategies of how I grew my Instagram accounts to millions of followers, all while making more money than most Lawyers and Doctors each year.

The best part is my top students who have diligently used these STEP-BY-STEP video guides during the last couple years have the fastest growing accounts on Instagram and they too are now earning six and even seven figures from Instagram! There is nothing stopping YOU from following in our footsteps!

The media even went so far to call one of my students “The Wolf Of Instagram”, inspiring the name “Wolf Millionaire” for my online persona and my famous STEP-BY-STEP Instagram video guides. Little did the media know, my student was simply following my STEP-BY-STEP video guides to get to where he is today, one of the top money-makers on Instagram!

Let me be very clear, my success and my student’s success is not luck, it’s strategy. I have spent the last 3+ years analyzing and constantly testing every detail & new feature of how Instagram works from the inside out! I’ve been doing this on both an Apple & Android device in order to teach you STEP-BY-STEP on each mobile platform. All my hard work and dedication to learning Instagram has propelled my students and I to thoroughly maximize & master Instagram over the last couple years!

If you are you looking for a get rich quick scheme then you’ve come to the wrong place.

However, if you are looking to learn all my secrets and strategies STEP-BY-STEP while sharpening your Instagram game whether it’s posting other people’s content or creating your own viral photos, videos, stories and using LIVE streaming content to capture your follower’s attentions then you’ve come to the right place! After all I am The Wolf of Instagram and have been dominating the world’s fastest growing and hottest social network for the last 3+ years! Check out what I accomplished in 2016

Due to my success and my students’ success, I’ve been overwhelmed by regular people, Influencers, small and large companies wanting to learn all my secret Instagram strategies that I am now proud to share with you.

I even have a Blog and YouTube channel that are FREE so you can get started learning my strategies without spending anything! I believe in helping others and that is why I have such a strong following and so many students!

These video guides will provide you with all the basic STEP-BY-STEP teachings you can use to follow along at every step of the way from setting up your account (profile photo, username, bio, niche) to growing your first 100, 1000, 10,000 followers all while making new and interesting friends & business connections around the world. You will even be able to make money along the way!

You don’t need to have a business or a product to sell, only a definite passion or area of knowledge and the WILL that you would like to put to use on Instagram to attract others with the similar interest. This is the true basis of creating a long term valuable Instagram account.

I’ve spent the past couple years putting these details and comprehensive video guides together, while testing and re-testing these strategies with my accounts and my students’ accounts, so you will finally be able to harness the incredible power of this fastest growing & powerful money making social network.

I continue to be the leading authority on everything Instagram and continue to provide the world with my latest strategies to teach you everything STEP-BY-STEP so I am VERY excited for you to learn them and put them to use so YOU can see success following YOUR passions!

I don’t see anyone else on Instagram who “claims” to be an Instagram Guru who provides FREE weekly blog posts & YouTube video guides like I continue to do week after week. Do you? Didn’t think so!


The reason is simple. I am the one and only Wolf Of Instagram and it’s my STEP-BY-STEP video guides, teachings and Instagram analysis (not to mention many predictions that have come true over the years) that have been the basis of every other so called “Instagram Guru” courses.

Others claim to have all the answers but they don’t have the experience that I have put in to figure Instagram out. They learn from me, and try to teach it back to you usually with ways to cheat that will only lead you to getting your account banned and disabled by Instagram.

These amateurs will simply take your money and grow your account with fake likes and useless followers that WILL NOT generate money. Like I said most people who follow these other clowns and their fake “follower growth services” will get banned for following those who try to cheat the Instagram system! I hear people cry about this all the time! Be warned!

These are the same people that teach you to grow your Instagram account using sketchy automation software to follow/un-follow and like & comment.

Instagress was actually just shut down for good for cheating and violating Instagram Terms of Service. This was another one of my predictions I made over a year ago. Remember cheaters are never rewarded in life and especially on social media.

With a little bit of work and my guidance, YOU can start to grow your followers organically and properly. Remember nothing in life is FREE and those trying to tell you they can get you 10,000 followers a week with little to no work on your end are just trying to take advantage of you. Don’t get fooled!

In April 2017 Instagram presented their latest monthly active user count confirming they had passed 700 million users, surpassing Twitter (320 million) and SnapChat (200 million) with over 95 million photos & videos posted every day.

Instagram grew by 100 million users in the last 4 months! WOW! Now do you believe ME that Instagram is the hottest & fastest growing social network out there? I have been saying this for the last couple years! All I can smell is MORE MONEY and more OPPORTUNITY!

Instagram achieved their insane user growth after 5 years while it took Facebook more than 7 years to accomplish the same growth. In terms of social networks, Instagram is still relatively new, yet currently has the fastest user growth rate and above average engagement of any social network out there. This is why you need to take advantage of my STEP-BY-STEP strategies NOW to grow a following in an area you are passionate about.

Your Instagram account could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in a couple years if you JUST STICK WITH IT! So many people give up after 3 or 4 months because they are lazy and can’t follow simple instructions.

It’s pretty disappointing when I see people give up then message me 6 month later saying “I wish I didn’t give up on Instagram”. Don’t BE ONE OF THESE WEAK PEOPLE IN LIFE.

Instagram is on track to hit 1 Billion Monthly Active Users by the END OF 2017!

Let me explain to you how big of an opportunity is in front of you with Instagram RIGHT NOW. Think of Instagram as the Internet when it went from dialup to cable/DSL and think of an Instagram account as blogs early on in the blogging game.

This is the massive opportunity in front of you! Instagram is THE NEW BLOGGING platform. Don’t think of it as just a photo sharing social network for food pictures, pets and selfies. It’s THE SOCIAL NETWORK and it’s not running out of steam anytime soon!

NOW is the time to create and grow an Instagram account to take advantage of its growth and money making abilities as Instagram continues to grow faster and faster!

Instagram Intelligence Reports evaluated the world’s top brands across several niches. According to the report, the frequency of the posts by these brands on Instagram has increased 23% over the last year, with the average frequency of nine posts per week. During the same time period, brand posts on Facebook has decreased, from an average of eleven posts per week down to eight posts per week. More and more major brands are using Instagram over Facebook or Twitter!

What more can show YOU so you can see that Instagram is the FUTURE!

In countless tests with my students, my own accounts and dozens of brands and businesses that I work with, engagement levels, product sales and commissions from Instagram continue to triple those on Facebook and quintupled those from Twitter.

As of April 2017, Instagram also sees more daily viewers on their Instagram Stories feature that launched in 2016 over Snapchat. YES Instagram is OFFICIALLY KILLING SNAPCHAT! Instagram is KING of SOCIAL MEDIA!

Instagram Growth

As an early adopter and power user of Instagram, I continue to educate students small businesses and large brands across multiple industries, all over the world!

I help regular people (like me), big Influencers and companies create high quality engaging content with effective captions and clear calls to action that helps them gain quality followers and social media attention while also making them more money in product, commission and affiliate sales through targeted advertising and promotions.

Don’t get left behind with this incredible opportunity. Invest a little time each day while following your passions and use my STEP-BY-STEP video guides to create your very own valuable Instagram accounts while Instagram is raging hot and reap the rewards in the years to come!

Thanks to Instagram’s global growth, anyone anywhere in the world can take advantage of my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram strategies to grow a following no matter where they are in the world. There is so much opportunity for those in developing countries where Instagram is just starting to gain traction! Take advantage of this opportunity!

Instagram users scroll through a new algorithm prioritized feed of photos & videos posted by the people they follow and engage with the most, so having well-curated content that is attention-grabbing is extremely important to fuel viral growth and generate income!

By taking advantage and learning from my STEP-BY-STEP video guides, you too can make a full-time living on Instagram whether you have your own photos, videos & products or want to use other people’s photos & videos and promote other products that your followers are interested in! CONTENT IS STILL KING!

Remember you don’t need to have a company or even a product to start growing an Instagram account and turn it into a money-making machine!

I will walk you through everything STEP-BY-STEP (even if you’ve never used Instagram before) to get your account setup properly while showing you what you should post (and where to get photo & videos) to get the most attention to grow fast. Before you know it you will be making money with Instagram. The more time you put into following my strategies the more successful you will become!

Using my strategies to grow your Instagram account ISN’T A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. I am teaching you everything to properly build a highly-engaged following on Instagram that will provide income for years to come. Patience, consistency and a little daily effort, that’s all it takes! Do you have what it takes?

Big brands, individuals and small businesses on Instagram continue to benefit from Instagram’s relatively unrestricted delivery of their content to their followers, which is key to their popularity and monetization.

In order for these same brands, individuals and small businesses to have the same reach and engagement on Facebook and Twitter, they must pay to “boost” their Facebook posts and advertise using Twitter ads, both of which can start out small, but become very expensive very quickly before you see real traction or sales. Even then those advertising dollars do not guarantee that your content will be popular or make much or even any money so it’s often a money-losing proposition and a major turn off. But people and small businesses still do it, and experiment with different strategies because they want to “try” social media marketing and not “miss out” on this hot trend.

All these people are definitely on the right track exploring social media marketing, they’re just on the wrong social media platforms. Just because Facebook and Twitter are the biggest and oldest social media networks in the world, doesn’t mean they’re going to help you, your company or your brand make money.

To grow followers, make money and become popular in these crowded spaces where there’s very little overall user growth let alone daily usage and far too much advertising and promotion already, too much money is required. And remember, even after people spend that money on Facebook and Twitter promotion, there are low odds of successfully making money.

Trust me, I’ve tried growing my account, my students’ accounts and the accounts of businesses & brands I work with on every major social media network; Instagram is still the easiest and most rewarding place to grow and make money without a doubt in my mind. Everyone is on Instagram, take advantage of this!

Getting attention and using Instagram for your benefit is the opposite of Facebook & Twitter, very simple, very cheap, often times free, and when your photos and videos spread virally, and your account grows, thanks to Instagram’s incredible massive growth, it will deliver results, no expensive advertising budget required!

Since Facebook now owns Instagram, they recently rolled out their advertising platform that is available to everyone know. I have experimented with it for myself and many of my clients and not only is it expensive, but it does not deliver successful results.

I continue to see amazing results by focusing on delivering high quality photos & videos organically while marketing and advertising to your followers simply by using effective captions with clear calls to action!

There’s STILL SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY right now, and for the years to come!

This is why you MUST SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY RIGHT NOW to FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS grow a following and make money while this Instagram opportunity is greatest…and cheapest! Turn YOUR INSTAGRAM PLAY TIME INTO MONEY MAKING TIME!

But enough about Instagram, let me tell you a little bit about me, the 39-year-old Wolf of Instagram that grew up in a small northern Canadian city.


Background - About Me & How I Make Money

Anthony Carbone

My name is Anthony Carbone, and I grew up in a small northern Canadian city called Sudbury (population 150,000), that was originally known as the nickel capital of the world.

I grew up with an amazing & supportive family. They focused on my education, balanced my appetite for sports and instilled in me great values and a strong work ethic, to which I attribute all of my successes in life.

I’m 39 years old and yet I am still killing it more than anyone on Instagram.

So you think you can Instagram? PROVE IT! KEEP UP!

I lost my father when I was 19, months before leaving the comfort of home for University that was 500km away from home. Because of this, I was forced to grow up really fast.

It has been ME vs THE WORLD ever since, and I live every day to make and save as much money as I can to ensure I can provide for my aging mother (who I owe the world too) and my brother who is currently on disability with a rare random genetic disease with no cure. I’m doing this because I promised my dad that I would take care of our family days before he passed away in front of me.

You think you have a hard life? If you have a roof over your head, food on the table, water to drink and a computer or mobile device you’re doing better than most people on this planet. So stop with the excuses and your bullshit victim mentality and TURN YOUR INSTAGRAM PLAY TIME INTO MONEY MAKING TIME with my STEP-BY-STEP video guides.

When I was growing up, I always dreamed of becoming a rocket scientist. But, due to my young rebellious lust for life, I fell a couple of courses shy, and instead, I ended up graduating with an honors degree in Systems & Computing Engineering. I am no kid genius, I actually have a hard time learning.

Trust me University was no walk in the park. I had to work twice as hard as anyone else just to pass every year, that was enough stress to almost kill me but I just kept pushing forward. Mom, thanks again for keeping my ASS in line and forcing a strict work ethic upon me during my younger years. LOVE YOU MOM!!!

Make no mistake about it, I am a computer nerd to my core, but if you met me you wouldn’t believe me – until you gave me a computer and watched me use it.

I’m also just as skilled behind the wheel of any vehicle ☺ including my brand new McLaren that I bought with the money I make on Instagram.

I’ve put more miles on my McLaren in the last year than most exotic car owners drive their entire life because I am a true exotic car enthusiast. Not just some hot shit show off who wants to brag to the world about his big his bank account.

Exotic cars are my TRUE passion. Driving them. Looking at them. Chasing them. Photographing them. Talking with others who own them. I am sometimes late for meetings because I will drive by one and turn around just to get an awesomeon photo of one for Instagram. LOL This is one of my secrets of why I have been so successful on Instagram. I am following my TRUE passions to the fullest extent of my capability! WHAT ARE YOU TRULY PASSIONATE ABOUT?

I have grown bigger balls ever since I lost my job, bigger than most porn stars and that’s why I can say and do what I do on social media. It’s not cockiness its 100% earned CONFIDENCE. Yes, there is a major difference!

I thank the universe daily for enabling the opportunity of losing my job for the first time EVER, finally forcing me into the pure entrepreneur lifestyle that my Mom and Dad prepared me for growing up. MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY DAD!!!

Most of you won’t know what I am talking about, but allow me to take a quick stroll down memory lane and brag from a proud self-taught geek’s perspective.

Since my first 2400 baud modem, I grew up and lived on IRC, was one of the first users of ICQ, Hotmail and Gmail, an early adopter of mp3’s, Napster, Limewire and newsgroups. I even ran my own successful BBS (called The Neutral Zone) with a dialup modem on my own dedicated phone line while in high school.

You can probably relate to some degree that growing up and being “into” different stuff that the mainstream cool kids aren’t into isn’t the easiest thing to endure. It was no different for me growing up tall, skinny, shy and a big computer geek. But look who’s having the LAST LAUGH NOW in LIFE? ALL THE GEEKS!

I wasn’t joking when I said I grew up a computer nerd with extremely STRICT parents who wanted me to LEARN, LEARN, LEARN “the computer”. LoL

I wasn’t allowed out of the house until the end of Grade 10 when my father started to fall ill. He wanted me to experience some of the teenage rebellion years during his final years so he could observe how well I handled them.

Boy, did I ever fucking let loose and rebel for missing out (I really didn’t miss out on shit, but you know how it is when you’re a kid and you’re not doing what everyone else is). Yes, I drank lots every weekend. Yes, I did drugs (more than most people). Yes, I even smoked cigarettes religiously for years. I did it all just to fit in. Naturally I know better now in my old age, but back then I felt that if I didn’t I wouldn’t fit in.

Thankfully I always kept my shit in order and the work ethic my parents pounded into me during my younger years allowed me to keep decent grades, excel in sports and allow me get into all the trouble; drugs, alcohol & partying everyone does growing up.

My Fathers true test and window into my life to observe me during his final years after everything he had taught me growing up was a real eye opener for me. Yes it’s pretty FUCKING crazy to know that your father is going to die and no science or medication in the world can fix it. Just writing this makes me tear up because I’ve buried the pain (not the memories) of losing the most amazing father in the world while making major sacrifices along the way to get where I am today.

But I’m wise enough to know that there are many other people out there with a much harder life than I had, even if I lost my amazing father at 19. So, I am extremely grateful for the time & love I got from my Father. LOVE YOU DAD!!

This is MY LIFE, so I’ve learnt to embrace it. Hopefully my LIFE inspires YOU and motivates YOU to know that even with mildly hard and disruptive upbringing (compared to others) it was no match for WHAT I WANTED my life to look like!


Nothing could stop me from PUSHING FORWARD EVERYDAY, one day at a time following my passions and chasing my dreams to enable the successes that I continue to achieve. YOU REALLY CAN DO THE SAME. LIFE IS JUST A MIND GAME. It really just depends how desperate you are and how bad you want it.

Like most teens, I had an appetite for playing Need for Speed, Duke Nukem, Doom and Quake the original multi-player online time wasters. My first real computer was a 486DX and almost resulted in me failing out of university for “playing on the computer” until 6am” every single night then sleep until noon.

Thankfully I didn’t let myself fail in University because after my Dad passed away, FAILURE WASN’T AN OPTION. Come to think of it, I have never let myself FAIL at anything. My desire to survive and succeed at any cost is just too high. Higher than most people I’ve ever met. This is the mindset YOU need to embrace and teach YOURSELF if you want to be successful in LIFE.

My first job after graduating from university was for Microsoft, but after realizing that they were slave drivers and weren’t handing out Lamborghini’s like they did in the 80’s I moved across the street (literally) and went to work for one of the world’s largest science companies; DuPont for nine years.

While working my full-time job at DuPont, I had the flexibility to pursue several entrepreneurial endeavors after work and on the weekends in order to pay off the $60,000 of school debt I had accumulated by putting myself through school.

Exploring my passions for exotic cars, photography and technology, I started a hobby website called MadWhips.com in 2006, while I still held a safe and stable corporate job. It was a simple WordPress photo gallery blog site where I posted up the best photos I could find on forums and the web.

In 2007, I re-launched the site with a custom-built user generated content management system so that photographers around the world could upload and contribute photos. I used all of my vacation time from work to travel the world in order to attend the hottest car shows.

At the same time, I was growing my skills as an amateur automotive photographer. In my first 2 years, I uploaded over 100,000 photos to MadWhips.com, and wrote over 1000 blog posts for CarZi.com (and I hate writing). It was a lot of work but it felt like play!

Following my TRUE PASSIONS and working on this digital stuff also paid off because in less than two years, I grew each website to 10,000+ visitors a day!

Life was good! The only problem was, all this work with photography and blogging was so time consuming it was generating less than a couple thousand dollars a month. I had to pay for servers and hosting which also ate into those profits.

Leveraging my eye for viral content and self-taught search engine strategies, I took advantage of early Social Networks like Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit and Delicious.com to grow my website traffic FAST and virally.

If there is one characteristic that System Engineers are notorious for, it’s breaking down ANY system into its basic workings and then bomb testing the system and recording all the various outcomes to find patterns!

This allows us to figure out all the successful patterns and then utilize the ones that we find beneficial. In short, I figured out how to beat all those early Social Networks for MadWhips.com & CarZi.com benefit ☺

I should have quit my day job at this point to pursue the explosive growth of both websites, but didn’t, the money just wasn’t that enticing. I thought that I could keep them growing while I had what I thought was a comfortable and safe full-time job.

I was enjoying multiple revenue streams while working, having two money-making websites and a small property management company in my University hometown that I also started in 2005.

By 2010, I was finally out of school debt, but I was burnt out (full time job, 2 websites and 25 students I was landlord of managing 5 rental properties) and was starting to put less and less effort into my websites.

By 2012, my websites were still producing income, but it was minimal, just a few thousand dollars per month, and it was declining every year. The growth of the sites slowly decayed, as I did not have the time or the energy to properly invest into nurturing them. I consider this to be one of the biggest mistakes I ever made.

Honestly this was the BIGGEST FAILURE I ever let happen in my life.

In addition to my relentless entrepreneurial drive, I was a rising star at DuPont during my nine-year tenure.

I excelled in four different positions for 4 different business units. After becoming bored and frustrated with my corporate career path (that wasn’t delivering the money I wanted), I left DuPont to work for a smaller company in the Automotive Digital Marketing Space that complimented my experience & automotive passion with MadWhips.com and CarZi.com.

Wanting to give back to the community, I also helped launch the Canadian Hero Fund (HeroFund.ca), which has raised over $2 Million dollars providing scholarships to Canadian students who lost a parent serving our country.

The Big Bang In My Life

May 2013 for the first time EVER, I lost my job due to downsizing. I am now convinced that this was a gift from the Universe as it turned out to be the best thing (out of my control) that ever happened to me.

It forced me to re-evaluate my lifestyle choices that came along with having a secure job – or so I thought – and pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors on the side. It was time to go hard or go home, as my Guelph Engineering Alma Matter motto reads.

In July of 2013 I sold my 2002 Subaru WRX and a recently purchased 2000 BMW Z3 M Coupe and hired several developers to design – from the ground up – the latest and greatest web and mobile app for MadWhips.com.

I also started to experiment and post on Instagram with my 1 Instagram account @madwhips that ONLY HAD 700 followers!

I heard first-hand how bigger Instagram accounts were making money selling shoutouts and advertising. So, I went to work to figure it all out.

For the next 8 months, I worked religiously 18+ hours a day 7 days a week sacrificing family time, cannibalizing relationships and hanging out with friends to stay focused and on track with my mission to find my next big OPPORTUNITY!

It was one of the most mentally grueling and physically challenging times of my life, but I felt that it was something my parents and I had been training myself to handle my entire life. Days went by where I didn’t leave the house and sometimes didn’t speak a word. I just sat in front of my computer working away and fast tracked myself on Instagram, having come to the Instagram game a couple years late.

In March 2014 I re-launched MadWhips.com for the 3rd time with an iOS & Android app. Because of all my hard work, I also just hit my first major Instagram milestone: 1 million followers and 12 accounts while making a couple thousand dollars a month selling shoutouts & advertising. This was my FIRST Instagram revenue stream!

Instagram also served as a perfect marketing channel for MadWhips.com. I was able to advertise and promote the all-new MadWhips.com on my growing Instagram accounts for free to a highly-targeted niche of automotive enthusiasts who were already engaging with my Instagram photos!

Once my followers started uploading photos to MadWhips, and I began uploading them and featuring them (helping them grow their own followings) to my Instagram accounts, web traffic and Instagram growth simultaneously started to explode!

In November 2014, I launched my very first global e-commerce store and leveraged my Instagram accounts to advertise, promote and successfully sell authentic Lamborghini, Ferrari & my own carbon fiber phone cases around the world! This was my SECOND Instagram revenue stream!

By January 2015, I had amassed 4.5 Million Instagram Followers with 20 accounts. I realized I needed help so I hired my first co-op University student who worked from my couch. Two months later MadWhips Inc. was accepted into the DMZ at Ryerson University; Canada’s #1 Business Incubator (5th in the World).

Once I had my Instagram network being managed by my first co-op student (who I hired full time after he graduated this year) it allowed me to go back to the drawing board and extract more revenue from Instagram.

I landed several major clients to help them setup their company and product focused Instagram accounts and provided a specific Instagram strategy for each. With my help these companies saw immediate success & sales! This was my THIRD Instagram revenue stream!

Ten months later, October 2015 my Instagram Network consisted of 28 accounts with 11+ Million Followers, I also employed 5 University co-op students to run MadWhips.com & my Instagram networks which allowed me to live a more comfortable 6-figure lifestyle while I travelled the world to attend all the hottest car events and meet with clients!

Today, I own over 30 Instagram accounts with more than 18+ Million Instagram followers and continue to make a very high 6 FIGURE annual Income from Instagram and multiple revenue streams as it continues to be the fastest and hottest Social Network in the WORLD!

Let ME teach YOU STEP-BY-STEP how to grow your own Instagram account by following YOUR passions and turning YOUR Instagram play time into MONEY MAKING TIME!

Essentials 1: Choose Your Device

Android or iOS?

Instagram by design only legally allows its users to upload photos via a mobile device (phone or tablet) that run the Android or iOS Instagram app. I use both devices to manage my accounts, favoring Android for it’s increased productivity that I will outline in detail.

I have used Instagram on my Nexus 4/5/6P & now Pixel XL (Android) and iPhone 5/6 & now 7+ (iOS) since I started growing my accounts 2013 in order to study Instagram’s evolution & master them on both platforms.

It goes without saying that the iOS cameras continue to be slightly better (the Pixel XL is the closest device I’ve ever seen Android get to iPhone camera quality) to any Android camera (especially in low light), so if you plan on taking live photos/videos, doing LIVE broadcasts, then iPhone 7+ (especially with their dual camera Portrait Mode) is going to yield the best photos!

The biggest shortfall with iOS devices that negatively affects my Instagram productivity is the inability to directly access 3rd party cloud based storage drives from within Instagram when you want to select a photo or video. iOS by design doesn’t allow this for security reasons.

When you have multiple advertising partners sharing DropBox/Google Drive folders with their content, this iOS limitation becomes a major headache for iOS users because you have to open DropBox/Google Drive separately and export the photo/video to your Camera Roll first before you can use it in Instagram.

DropBox/Google Drive also allows for easy access to photos you’ve edited or curated on your laptop/desktop and want to quickly post on Instagram once you’ve synced your files in the cloud.

However, on the flip side, I am a MacBook Pro user and I now use the iCloud which is synced to multiple iOS devices and makes my life so much easier for managing photos I have taken on my iPhone 7+, allowing for quick editing on my MacBook Pro and then posting directly from my Camera Roll.

There is another major advantage to using Android devices that I explain STEP-BY-STEP in my InstaWealth Growth System which teaches you how to login to more than 5 accounts at once on Instagram, the current limit the Instagram app allows you to log into. This little hack allows me to have 1 phone with 30 accounts on it, without any app or 3rd party Android system hack!

Essentials 2: Mobile Apps

SwiftKey Keyboard App

The next major productivity tool essential is the SwiftKey app (iOS & Android). SwiftKey is a predictive keyboard app that does 90% of my captions for me.

Install it and link it to your Gmail account, teach it stuff you type over and over and over (@usernames, captions, #hashtags, emails phone numbers, emoji’s) and then you can access the stuff you’ve taught it from any future mobile device.

This has proven to be one of the most valuable apps I depend on as I scaled up my Instagram Empire from 1 account to 30 accounts by myself and now with a team of employees running my Instagram empire.

Watermark Apps
If you create your own unique high quality content, then I highly advise you watermark your photos. It helps you establish and reinforce your brand/logo and helps curbs photo theft, which Instagram is plagued with. Make sure you go to my blog and read the important strategy (link below) of giving proper credits on other people’s photos and videos to help you grow faster and make sure you don’t get your account banned for copyright infringement. Unfortunately, most people still get this strategy WRONG, it could COST YOU YOUR ACCOUNT if you don’t play by these rules!

Must Read: Credit & Copyright Rules on Instagram

I have been using Add Watermark Pro (paid version) for my Android watermarking needs since I started playing with Instagram and have no reason to use anything else.

It is simple to use, allows for easy size/transparency adjusting, batch watermarking and the quality of the watermarked photos is equal to the original photo. It also has NEVER crashed on me!

As for iOS, I use iWatermark (paid version) that gives the same results and features as Add Watermark Pro. Both are simple & easy to use!

Watermarks should be small but visible. I am much more likely to share a photo on my network that has a small clean logo than I would a larger one that takes away from the image. Instagram also tends to promote photos that have smaller watermarks than larger ones!

Cloud Based Storage

DropBox & Google Drive are the two widely used cloud based storage utilities used by Instagram power users. Both can be used on iOS or Android devices.

If using an Android device, you have an added advantage of being able to directly access photos/videos stored in your cloud storage when selecting a photo while in the Instagram app. I highly recommend you take advantage of this functionality where/when it makes sense for you.

iCloud is the default image and photo based cloud storage on iOS devices that I mentioned works incredibly well for me given that I take the majority of my photos I post on Instagram with my iPhone 7+.

Communication Tools

Instagram communication (talking to other Instagram account owners) varies from account to account. Some owners communicate using Instagram’s Direct Message (DM). Some Instagram account owners list their email addresses on their BIO (remember NOT to list the email address you used to create your Instagram account).

You need to learn how to communicate with account owners in order to network with others in your niche in order to grow your account.

Kik Messenger has become the default Instant Messaging (IM) app to communicate with other Instagram account owners. It allows you to remain private (doesn’t show your phone number) and requires you to select a unique username to represent yourself. Most Instagram accounts have their Kik username is the same as their Instagram account. You can also create group chats. Be careful when communicating by KIK, not everyone who has a page owns his or her username on KIK. The safest way to know if you are actually communicating with the page owner is through Instagram DM (Direct Message), or the exact email or KIK username listed on their BIO.

Telegram is also another app that many people are now using to setup engagement groups and comment pods in order to network and communicate. Setup an account in the event you encounter someone using Telegram so you can be ready to take your Instagram communication to another app without delaying. You never know when the right opportunity will pop up!

Essentials 3: Instagram Setup

Email Address

Before you start your first (of many) money making Instagram accounts you need to setup 2 NEW email addresses. There is no substitution for this. This is a hard requirement if you want to keep your account SAFE. Create 2 simple NEW Gmail email address.

It’s ideal to have a similar email address to the Instagram name you are going to create (for branding) but not essential. Just make sure they are clean, short as possible and professional. Avoid using “_” or “.” or “numbers” or “i,l” - in your email address as it can translate into errors when people try to reach you, and ultimately lost revenues.

Why 2? Because 1 you are going to use to register your Instagram account and not tell anyone about that email address.

Then you are going to list the other one on your Instagram account for people to reach you at for advertising or partnership inquiries. You never want anyone to know what email you used to register your Instagram account as it increases your vulnerability to hackers.

Trust me I have seen and experienced everything. Do this and you will be hack proof! This is your 1st LEVEL OF SECURITY.

Make sure the passwords to your new email addresses are strong and different than any of your previous passwords for anything online. Never give these password to anyone it’s your lifeline and 2nd LEVEL OF SECURITY. If you adhere to this rule I can ensure you will never lose your Instagram account to a hacker!

You might think it will be a pain to manage several email addresses, but Gmail has evolved and makes managing multiple Gmail addresses without having to always remember the password.

Furthermore, if you use Hotmail or Yahoo or any other service as your main email and only ever want to check that account, then just forward your new Instagram Gmail accounts to your main email address.

This way, anytime someone emails your Instagram email (which you will list in your Instagram account Bio) these emails will always be forwarded to you. And because you have that account locked down with your strongest unique password, no one will ever be able to hack it. You can sleep stress free knowing that your future moneymaker will always be safe as you grow your account day after day.

New Instagram Account & Username

Now you can create your first Instagram account using your new highly secure email address! Your username should be as short as possible, yet as descriptive as possible to accurately describe what your page is all about. Keep in mind that your username has 50% to do with people searching for accounts to follow. Make sure you choose a DIFFERENT PASSWORD than your new email address. This is your 3rd LEVEL OF SECURITY. Do not share this password with anyone. EVER.

Try to avoid using “.” in your username. It’s a complete pain in the A$$ for people using predictive text programs like Swiftkey. If you must use a separator to get the desired username, use underscore “_” and never more than 2. Do not ever use 2 or more underscores “__” in a row, or use an “_” to start or end your username it’s extremely confusing and makes your account look amateur.

Instagram also has an issue with you creating usernames that copy a domain or URL.

NOTE: Per Instagram’s Terms of Use

12. You must not use domain names or web URLs in your username without prior written consent from Instagram”

Make sure you also read the most complete Instagram Security Guide that I created for FREE to keep all of your Instagram accounts safe no matter how big or small your account is.

Must Read: Instagram Hacking Questions Answered


On to writing your Bio! Your Bio is your chance to attract new followers! Every new potential follower that comes across your account is going to spend only a couple seconds evaluating your page. They will quickly check your Bio and a couple of your posts to see if you post quality content or spam ads and decide if you deserve to be followed.

Keep your BIO short, descriptive with proper spelling and grammar and go easy on all those emoji’s, they make your account look amateur. If you want to have bullet points and maybe line spaces to make your content look clean use a notepad app on your mobile device to format your Bio how you want it to look, then copy and paste it to the BIO field of your Instagram profile. Limit your Bio to 4-5 lines so that your BIO doesn’t take over your profile page and push all your home page photos so low that users have to scroll down to see your first row of photo thumbnails.

Avatar / Profile Photo

Next to having an impactful Bio, your Avatar/Profile Photo visually reveals more about you and your brand to your potential followers. Keep your Avatar simple with little to no text. If you must use letters to abbreviate your page name, use a clean simple font. Regardless of what device you are going to be using, make sure upload your Avatar using with picture resolution of 1080 x 1080 pixels as it will ensure your profile picture is razor sharp and high definition. Also, consider how your Avatar will look in your follower’s news feed. Again, the simpler the design, the more effective it will be to maintain your brand when a user sees it on your post and more importantly in their Instagram feed.

URL Link

The final piece of setting up your Instagram account is adding a URL to your Bio. This is the only click/linkable URL that Instagram allows on each of our profile pages, so let’s use it to our advantage.

Unless you are proficient with your own website analytics, I highly suggest using a URL shortening service such as www.bit.ly, which allows you to shorten a URL to a custom Bit.ly link and will also track the number of clicks it receives to provide you with valuable feedback.

If you are going to use a big long website URL, or even a YouTube URL to a specific account or video, then please use a URL shortening link. There is nothing more amateur than seeing some long URL in someone’s Instagram profile. Keep it short, keep it clean and keep it professional if you want to be taken seriously. You will also be able to track the number of clicks which is valuable knowledge for you and your account!

Public Vs. Private Account

If you want to run an account with the goal to establish your brand/account and make money, then keep your account PUBLIC. There is nothing that turns off potential followers than arriving at your page and having to follow a PRIVATE account to see what you post.

If you are running a personal page then you might want to consider making your account PRIVATE in order to shelter your personal information from stalkers, weirdo’s and the Internet in general. You never know who is going to use your photos or your personal information they can find from your Instagram posts.

Telephone Number

Next to your brand-new email address you created (the one you created solely for your new Instagram account), your 4th LEVEL OF SECURITY is to add and link your telephone number to your Instagram account. Adding your telephone number into your Instagram account profile adds another level of security in the event you lose your password or get hacked.

Make sure you also read the most complete Instagram Security Guide (link below) that I created for FREE to keep all of your Instagram accounts safe no matter how big or small your account is.

Must Read: Instagram Hacking Questions Answered

Facebook Connect

Your 5th LEVEL OF SECURITY is to connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account. This will add yet another level of security by allowing you to login and do a password reset (in the event you forget your password or get hacked) with your secure Facebook credentials. Make sure your Facebook account is locked down with a NEW and strong password.

Two-Factor Authentication

Instagram recently (Feb 2016) rolled out Two-Factor Authentication. Enabling this new 6th level of security will secure your Instagram account tighter than Fort Knox guarded by sharks with laser beams! Setup the Two Factor Authentication feature in your account options with your telephone number so that that every time you log into your Instagram account, Instagram will send you an SMS message with a new verification code to verify that it's you logging in.

Set it up and know that you are now completely hacker proof!

Essentials 4: Posting Content To Instagram

You are now ready to post photos and video to Instagram!

Photo & Video Sizes

Given that Instagram originally forced us into using a square based photo (due to the mobile focused nature of their app), it’s best to use that entire square crop real estate to wow your followers with an edge-to-edge “full bleed” photo or video. This is also known as a 1:1 aspect ratio.

This means no white/black bars above/below/side of your photos to mimic the square crop format from whatever aspect ratio you are using on your DSLR camera such as 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 etc.

The minimum resolution that Instagram NOW uses in their photo uploads is 1080x1080 pixels. Make sure all your photos are at least this size to ensure they are high quality for your followers to enjoy. This will allow you to deliver the highest quality photo experience to higher resolution mobile screen resolutions. Remember CONTENT IS KING!


Captions are extremely important. A caption can make or break even the most spectacular photo or video. A poorly written caption can make you look like an amateur, while a clever/witty/proper one can transform a mediocre post into a viral one. This will help boost the average engagement of likes & comments, which ultimately results in new followers.

Captions can be long or short. It really all depends on your audience and the purpose of your account and each of your posts. If you are simply providing your audience with photo or video content you might want to consider using less than 150 characters in your caption including no more than 2-3 descriptive #hashtags to ensure your caption are shown before the “more”. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words but Instagram was created to share a photo to capture those thousand words. Keep it short and simple and clean.

If you want to use more #hashtags put them at the very end of your caption or in the first comment after you post. KEEP YOUR HASHTAGS RELEVANT to your post. DO NOT USE SPAM HASHTAGS that DON’T describe your photo or video you’ve posted.

The number of lines in your captions shouldn’t exceed 5-6 in order to ensure the effectiveness of your message or advertisement. Try to keep each line short (unless writing a sentence/paragraph) as it’s easier for followers to scan and read especially if you are posting an advertisement of some sort.

Anything more than 5-6 lines and your followers won’t read it. If you have multiple lines, make sure you use the Instagram “-” special emoji character (it’s Blue on Android, Black on iOS devices) to add a nice breakup or space between lines/sentences/paragraphs. Just look at any of my @Wolf_Millionaire Instagram posts to see how clean my captions are when using this “-“ special emoji character.

Make sure there is no spaces between the start and end of “-” only the new line above or below. Instagram still doesn’t let us use a blank space between sentences to format our captions to force a space between lines/sentences/paragraphs, so I use this little trick to make my captions easier to read!

In October 2015 Instagram has updated how much of the caption is displayed before it shows “more”. Make use of these 3 lines and 130 Characters before the “more” to get your Call To Action visible & clear. This will ensure that it’s seen whether or not the user clicks on “more” or leaves a comment and scrolls up to read the expanded full caption.

In March 2016 Instagram updated how much of the caption is displayed before it shows “more” in order to further clean up our feed and ensure our focus was on the photo or video as we scroll through our feed.

It’s now 110 characters and could be even less if you use too many @username mentions or hashtags or emoji’s in the first 110 characters. Remember Instagram is doing this to keep the FEED clean so use these rules to ensure your followers read your effective call to actions without having to click “more” as most wont!

Some examples of Call to actions are: “Follow @username”, “Visit a www.website.com”, “Click The Link in Our Bio”. You can stuff all 3 of these actions into the first 3 lines of your caption if you want to brand yourself or your advertisers!

Keep it clean and short and use 1-2 Emoji’s at most relevant to your post or caption! Going overboard with Emoji’s is AMATEUR, and more importantly makes your captions distracting. No follower’s worth having want to read a caption that’s filled with an obnoxious number of Emoji’s. KEEP IT SIMPLE & CLEAN.

If you choose to use other people’s photos, you should provide photo credits linking to their Instagram username in the caption and tag them in the photo.

Remember that even if you post other people’s photos and tag and credit them, this does not ensure you will never be reported for copyright.

Make sure you go to my blog and read the important strategy of giving proper credits on other people’s photos and videos to help you grow faster and make sure you don’t get your account banned for copyright infringement.

Must Read: Credit & Copyright Rules on Instagram

There is no exception for posting other people’s photos & videos without giving the photographer credit - NOT the page you stole it from. This will land your account in serious trouble and ultimately opens the risk of having your account disabled by Instagram. I learned this the hard way while I was testing Instagram early on growing one of my first accounts which got disabled for this! LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!


#Hashtags are dead to me. They always have been. BUT keep reading because they can help you grow your account when you first start off!

I grew every single one of my first major Instagram accounts from 0 to 11 Million Followers without relying on, or even using #hashtags. Then as I grew from 11 Million to 18 Million Instagram followers across my now 30 accounts I started to use hashtags to test them, dominating the top hashtag spots I used, but in doing so it did not increase the daily growth of any of my accounts.

Surprising, right? Well, the keys to becoming a top, and more importantly, money-making Instagram Power user might surprise some given the mainstream “knowledge base” about Instagram, but that’s why I, along with my fast-growing/money-making students and brands that I work with, have been able to grow leaps and bounds faster than other people who rely on common assumptions instead of time-tested facts.

In June 2015, Instagram updated their search functionality by displaying the Top 9 #Hashtags (based on # of likes and age of photo) for any searchable #Hashtag. I continue to test this out and I haven’t seen any noticeable change in the number of daily followers or likes on my photos when I rank in the top 9 hashtag spot. As of April 2017, I continue to evaluate the impact of this change, but have yet to find any evidence that my Top Post #Hashtag rankings are contributing to significant growth or likes on those photos.

With the massive number of photos being updated daily, and the number of spam #Hashtags being used, I have found the use of common high level #Hashtags to be useless when it comes to growing your account or scoring meaningful likes.

Using hashtags to target specific niche keywords, descriptive keywords that fit your content or competitor keywords can be effective at helping you grow followers early on and even finding NEW CUSTOMERS, but remember that using your competitors #Hashtag is free branding for them so put them at the very bottom of your #Hashtag listings.

Use less than 2-3 #hashtags in your captions and if you must plague Instagram with more put them at the bottom of your caption so they are hidden below the “more”. Remember, your posts and choice of #Hashtags will reflect you, and more importantly, your brand. A recent study found that 11 Hashtags was the most optimal number of hashtags to use on a post.

My InstaWealth Growth System teaches you everything you need to know about which #Hashtags to use and which to avoid as you first start growing your account! If you use the WRONG hashtag strategy you will get a hashtag shadow ban by Instagram which means your hashtags will be useless and less people will see your posts resulting in little to no growth from your #Hashtag strategy!

If you’re posting a photo of a red apple, don’t just use #apple as your #hashtag; use a more descriptive one such as #RedApple. By using two word descriptive #Hashtags, your chances of attracting new users with specific #Hashtag searches will be more targeted and effective!


A great way of getting your photos noticed is to tag other accounts in the photo you are posting (unfortunately you can’t tag a video the same way). Don’t waste your time tagging irrelevant accounts that your photo has nothing to do with or they might ban you.

Also make sure you check the accounts you are tagging so that you are not wasting your time tagging them. Some accounts turn off the ability for others photos tagged of them to show up in their “photos of you”. Make sure you change it up and don’t SPAM TAG people that are not relevant to your photo.

Instagram will issue a temporary TAGGING ban on your account if you TAG too many accounts over and over and over. Be selective and switch it up! I suggest tagging no more than 5-10 selective accounts every time you post.


When should you post and how frequently should you post? No matter what time zone you are in, it’s essential to post during peak time to maximize exposure and growth.

Using the New York (ET) time zone here in North America as my example, I have found that the hottest times to post are first thing in the morning, between 8am-11am; in the afternoon, between 2pm-4pm; and in the evening, between 7pm-9pm.

I find my photos; videos & Instagram stories perform the best and yield better engagements during these time slots. Advertising products on Instagram also seem to have the best conversion (sales) during these times.


When you start your account from nothing, I suggest you post 1-2 photos a day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon or evening. When you reach 5,000 followers, you can do 3-4 posts a day, followed by 4-5 posts per day when you hit 10,000 followers. Just like CONTENT, CONSISTENCY IS ALSO KING.

I have always posted as soon as my last post hits 50% of its average number of likes. Once your account is over 1000 followers you should have a stable sense of what your avg. number of likes per photo is. You can quickly calculate this by adding up the total number of likes of your last 10 posts and then dividing by 10 to get the “avg. # of likes per photo.

As an example, if your “avg. # of likes per photo is 100 likes, then after you post a photo and it hits 50 likes, your followers and Instagram are ready for your next post. Just remember that as your post frequency increases the chances of loosing followers’ increases. So take it slow, focus on posting quality content, with relevant short captions and hashtags and interact with your followers and commenters. When you want to increase your daily number of posts, add in 1 photo per day for a couple weeks and see how that affects your total # of likes and comments and most importantly gain/loss of followers.

When an account reaches 100k-250k, I will post 6-8 photos per day; and when the account reaches 500k, I will post 10-12 photos per day. My 5 largest accounts, which have over a million followers, usually are posted to hourly during prime times which delivers 12-14 posts a day.

While I have the ability to grow my accounts using my larger accounts that have millions of followers, it’s no different of a strategy than if you were paying a larger account to promote you or just growing your account organically.

Scheduling Apps

Hootsuite & Later are my two favorite apps that allow you to setup photos + captions ahead of time and then get a notification on your phone to post at a time you have setup.

These apps won’t post for you but will push your specified photo + caption into Instagram where you can edit the photo and paste the caption into the post before hitting post/share! These apps are extremely helpful and allow you to setup an entire day or weeks’ worth of posts (via laptop or mobile) ahead of time.

All you have to do is click on the notification (for whatever specified time you have setup the scheduling for), enter the caption (via paste function from your clipboard) and hit the post/share button!

Engage Your Audience & Peers

I highly suggest you start engaging with your followers the day you start your Instagram accounts. As you start engaging with your followers in a meaningful way others will see this and want to join in on the conversation which ultimately helps your posts reach more people!

Several ways that you can do this is by asking them questions in your captions to see what content they want to see, or what they like about the photo/content you are posting. Getting your followers to like and comment on your posts in the first 20 minutes of your posts help it reach more people throughout its lifecycle (12-24 hours).

You should also be reading and monitoring your comments during the first 20 minutes of each post. This is when many people will attempt to troll your account, or other users. I have a zero tolerance for users who spam, swear or bully. I immediately ban first time offenders and delete their comment trail in order to keep my posts and account clean and professional. A page that isn’t monitored or managed is a turn off for ANY ADVERTISER!

Equivalently a page that is stuffed with FAKE comments from bots or automation programs is also a dead giveaway of garbage Instagram accounts. Remember that cheating will NOT get you paid. Slow, steady growth with consistent posting and engagement with your followers is how you build a long-term money making Instagram account (and Empire like I have).

Essentials 5: Analytics

Iconosquare.com, SocialBlade.com and SocialRank.com. All three use the Instagram Connect login module, which means that when you login to these sites with your Instagram account, you are logging in as safe as you would be to your Instagram account on the Instagram app.

Iconosquare.com shows you a full suite of statistics about your Instagram account to help you measure your performance. Learn everything about your community, engagement and track hashtags & competitor accounts. You can search for influencers and specific media by using their Influencer search tool.

It also allows you to save time by monitoring comments (reply, mark as read and delete options) in order to help you become more engaged with your followers.

I specifically use it to see my Geo graphic breakdown of my followers so that I can better determine what to sell them and when/what to post based on global time zones of my followers.

SocialBlade.com shows you growth/follower statistics about any public account on a granular daily/monthly level. It also gives you the ability to see how many people they follow/unfollow and how many posts they post/delete.

Accounts over a 500k-1M followers tend to have slower increases and gains to their average number of likes per posts as they grow due to their size and how Instagram distributes photos amongst your followers as part of their new algorithm. It’s easier to have a small account of 10k-20k with a higher like engagement than it is to have a 1+ Million Follower account with the same engagement rate.

In the last year growth for accounts that were 3-4 years old with over 500,000 Followers were growing much slower (across every single niche) and most big pages were losing followers daily.

This is completely normal for accounts that have posted thousands of photos and videos over the last 3 years as Instagram adjusts and tweaks our feeds with new algorithm based on your likes, comments and time spent on certain accounts you follow.

Thankfully this doesn’t affect how much money we all continue to make because Instagram is simply levelling the playing field for everyone to manage their insane growth!

Instagram continues to prove itself as the hottest social! Instagram Stories is Killing Snapchat and is trending to achieve 1 Billion Users by end of 2017! This is why you need to start using Instagram to make money and stop using it to waste time

SocialRank.com is another great tool that helps you better understand who your top followers are from an influential perspective. It allows you to sort and view your followers as; most valuable, most engaged, best-followed etc.

Social Rank also allows you to search your followers BIO for keywords, search location of photos and hashtags. By targeting and engaging with my biggest followers, I’m able to drive more awareness, likes and comments from them, which ultimately results in more growth for my account.

You see Instagram wants to make money and they want advertisers to pay them instead of Influencers with massive accounts like my students and I. The only problem is Instagram is starting to throttle the delivery of our posts to our followers just like Facebook did, this is why it’s EXTRMELY IMPORTANT to focus on growing your account properly, using analytics while focusing on HIGH QUALITY CONTENT and BEING CONSISTENT when you POST! Let ME teach YOU how to do this!

What’s the point of dreaming of the financial freedom YOU can have (and see others achieving) if YOU will never take action to achieve your goals in life? WAKE UP!

Essentials 6: Growth

Growing your account organically by posting quality content takes time. What I am teaching you isn’t a get rich quick scheme. I am teaching you how to create a micro blog on Instagram.

After all Instagram is the HOTTEST new BLOGGING platform! Most people think Instagram is just a fun place to post photos and videos of food, clothes, their trips or take selfies, but it’s actually a much bigger ecosystem than a photo/video app!

Instagram continues to reward small accounts just starting out with faster growth than major established accounts that have made so much money by posting advertising day after day over the last 3-4 years (like my students and I who’ve banked millions of dollars in combined advertising incomes).

Instagram’s sponsored advertising platform is very expensive and doesn’t deliver SALES results like an advertisement posted directly by an account like the ones my students and I run. So most savvy marketers continue to advertise directly with Instagram Influencers & Fan Pages, just like YOURS that you are going to build with my STEP-BY-STEP video guides!

However, these changes don’t stop us from continuing to make money on Instagram because as Instagram continues to innovate and rollout BIG NEW features every month I continue to develop creative NEW ways to make money with these NEW features to help my advertisers and clients sell their products & services!

It’s not rocket science, but it does require you to learn ALL of my STEP-BY-STEP strategies and execute them every time you post! You don’t even need to know how to use Instagram!

All you require is a mobile device, 1-2 hours a day being consistent & patient along the way. Remember just because you are growing a simple Instagram account, just like the Internet, you can just start blogging on a new blog overnight and expect thousands of new readers to be drawn to your account.

You have to put in the time, following a bunch of little tricks & strategies to kick start that growth! This growth over days, weeks and months will contribute to you creating a very valuable money making Instagram stream!

Thankfully the time, effort & learning required to grow an Instagram account is a lot less than setting up, maintaining and writing for a blog! Remember the upside of growing a proper Instagram account simply by following your passions could land you a 6-figure income like my students and I.

It all comes down to how much effort you’re willing to put into this opportunity!

Half ass lazy students need not apply!

Make no mistake, the Instagram game isn’t a get rich quick scam unless you are going to be scamming people (which if you do, you will get exposed by me or my students) and you definitely won’t be making money with your account.

I am going to teach you exactly HOW to create, grow, post and make money using your PASSIONS for whatever niche or interests you have using the Instagram platform.

Instagram is the hottest & fastest growing social network in the world where advertisers are paying BIG BUCKS to promote their products & services on thousands of Instagram accounts in every single niche!

I am going to teach you how to TURN YOUR PLAY TIME into MONEY MAKING TIME for YEARS to come. So, have fun with it and BE PATIENT.

Some people can monetize their accounts in months, others take longer, it all depends on how much you learn & implement from my 24+ Hours of STEP-BY-STEP video guides.

I see so many students skip chapters of my course thinking “they know it all” and yet these are the same students that bitch, complain and give up because they can’t get their accounts to grow or make money.

I have NO sympathy for anyone who doesn’t fully watch ALL of my VIDEO GUIDES. If you “knew it all” you would have 18+ Million Instagram followers across 30 accounts, not to mention a brand-new McLaren and a brand-new solid gold Rolex like I have rewarded myself with!

There is a reason that I am the WOLF OF INSTAGRAM with more than 30 accounts, and over 18+ Million Instagram followers, not to mention continue to make a very high 6 FIGURE ANNUAL income and it’s because I have been the most thorough, consistent Instagram teacher in the world for the last 4 years.

Growing your account organically is easier once you have established your account. I find that once an account hits 50,000 followers, organic growth gets easier and easier. Remember, get to work, be patient and take it one post at a time focusing on HIGH QUALITY CONTENT, just like I teach you where to find it and how to create it!

The quickest way to get your account up to 10k, 50k and 100k+ is to pay larger accounts for shoutouts, likes & comments. Keep in mind you get what you pay for, so make sure you are paying accounts that would have a demographic you are interested in for your page.

There is no use paying a highly dominant female oriented page for followers/shoutouts if you want to market and sell male oriented products no matter how cheap the deal is.

The same goes for paying large FAKE bot filled accounts where the followers are from Russia or India. I see so many people who don’t take the time to do the research (that I teach) and end up wasting their time, energy and money and then GIVE UP. Don’t be one of these LOSERS. LEARN MY STRATEGIES!

Also for all of you looking for that “get rich scheme” buying likes or comments from websites that claim to deliver you “thousands of real targeted” likes, comments or followers are ALL COMPLETE BULLSHIT.



Do not give your Instagram account login and password to anyone claiming to be able to get you thousands of followers for cheap. People offering these services will not only steal your account from you but they WILL pollute & inflate your account with fake followers, which will lead to your account being disabled by Instagram.

Just like anything in life, there is no FAST WAY to achieve anything worthwhile. If someone’s offer to grow your account sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam!

A major factor that will contribute to the organic and REAL number of followers you receive and retain from a shoutout, like/comment strategy will depend on how professional your profile looks. It also highly depends on how closely targeted your Instagram account is to the followers of the larger account that is promoting you!

You can maximize this potential by choosing a great avatar/profile picture, a simple professional bio, and high-resolution photos and following my strategies to find the BESTS accounts to work with. Pricing varies from account to account as well as from niche to niche, so shop around and see what pricing some of your favorite larger accounts charge to help promote whatever account or niche you are going to enter!

Another common way to grow your account is through participating in a shoutout for shoutout (S4S). This is where two accounts of similar size will promote each other’s page in an attempt to help one another grow. I have done this successfully in the past when I was growing my very first few Instagram accounts and it worked out very well not to mention it was FREE!

Cross promoting your Instagram account with other accounts in the similar niche or similar demographic is a very easy way to grow a network with other account owners! Those who work together will grow together!

Engagement Groups are another solid way to help grow your account. Be very careful with the engagement groups you chose to join or pay to be part of. There are more and more scammers out there who seem to have big engagement groups but are just filled with automated BOTS that will spam your posts with useless comments and fill your account with fake BOTS & fake followers.

There are several apps and web services out there that claim to automatically grow your account by following and un-following a set number of followers (that you instruct it to from other major accounts) per day as well as automatically commenting on your behalf. Instagram FINALLY shut down Instagress in APRIL 2017.

I made these predictions years ago before Instagram started disabling these types of web services and shutting down Instagress was a massive blow to people whose accounts were setup to automatically LIKE & COMMENT. GOOD RIDDANCE OF ALL THIS INSTASPAM!

I have never used automated “COMMENT & LIKE” web services and highly recommend that you do not either. I have seen so many people using these accounts have their accounts disabled by Instagram when they reached 5k, 10k, 15k because of how these apps automatically follow/un follow/comment/like.

I have never seen anyone successfully use these apps to grow their accounts beyond 15k-20k before their accounts have been disabled for violating what Instagram observes as normal human behavior using their app.

Instagram knows if you are using their app on your mobile device or if a web service is doing it for you. CHEATERS GET NOWHERE! THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING ON THIS!


Basics 7: Making Money with Instagram

There are so many ways you can make money with Instagram thanks to all the NEW features that Instagram continues to roll out, but the most important part is to understand when to start monetizing so that you don’t interrupt or affect your early account growth.

Before we begin to make money on Instagram, we need to setup a PayPal Account. This is essential because 100% of the advertising dollars I have ever made or spent on Instagram was using PayPal as the online payment system.

EVERYONE making money or spending money on Instagram uses PayPal to purchase or exchange services.

Make sure you read How To Send Money On Instagram in order to understand why PayPal is the most widely used payment system and how it can protect you from scams and frauds if used properly.

I suggest you get an account setup ASAP as it usually takes at least 21 days for your account to be fully operational and verified to use without PayPal holding money due to your new PayPal account status.

The first option and the least invasive option to make money with your Instagram account is “Caption Based Advertising” which just means selling the the words directly below your photo or video to someone selling a product, service or to promote another Instagram account.

This option allows you to continue posting high quality content that fits with the theme and type of photos or video you have been posting. Selling the caption space for “Caption Based Advertising” to feature and shout out or advertise another Instagram account is very common practice of making money on Instagram. This usually the very first way that my students and I start to make money with our accounts.

Instagram now only shows 2-3 lines of your entire caption – about 130 characters depending on how many hashtags and @username mentions you put in the first couple lines of your caption.

If you want to read more, you’ll have to click on “more” under the caption. Users must now click the comment icon or “more” to see the full caption, so make those 3 lines as short and effective as possible to deliver your Call To Action and deliver results (followers, sales, clicks etc) to whoever you are selling caption features/shout outs to or they will not renew their spend $ with your account.

The second opportunity to make money with your Instagram account is to sell the “URL link” in your Bio. You can sell this hourly/daily/weekly/monthly, or you can sell this on a per post basis where it works together with caption-featured posts (like the first option above). Through the caption on your post, you would direct the user to click the link in your Bio to visit a paying advertisers account or product checkout page to buy whatever is being advertised. These URL type advertising posts are usually negotiated to last anywhere from an hour during prime time or on a daily basis with or without caption features.

Just to give you an idea of how powerful your URL link can be as you grow, my network of 30+ accounts with over 18+ Million followers can generate 20,000+ URL clicks per PER MONTH!

When all accounts are listing the same URL and you are brute force posting every hour telling your followers to “CLICK THE LINK IN YOUR BIO”, you can drive a TONNE of traffic outside of Instagram and monetize that traffic by selling your products on a mobile e-commerce store, other people’s products or affiliate products & services.

Another very popular and profitable way to make money on Instagram is with “Paid Post Advertising”. This method involves posting other people’s photo or video advertisements along with a caption of their choice to support the photo or video.

Again, these posts are usually negotiated to be posted on an hourly basis or all day depending on whether the content fits with the account they’re being posted on. Most ads get deleted after 24-48 hours as they are no longer viewed by Instagram due to the lifespan of an Instagram post. These details are up to the account owner and usually varies from account to account. Now that Instagram has introduced the “Archive” feature we can simply archive these ad posts instead of deleting them which makes for a useful collection of ads to collect data or pitch other advertisers based on past advertising successes on your account.

Just about all of the advertising campaigns I run are on a monthly basis of 15-30 posts. The client gets advertised once every other day or daily, making it seem less like a repetitive ad, yet building the clients brand one post at time amongst your followers


Today’s social media advertising requires lots of patience. You must look at advertising on Instagram as a long-term strategy. You can’t advertise for 1 month (with 15-30 posts a day per major account) and assume no increase in sales mean your product(s) won’t sell.

You have to keep exploring and testing different niches, different accounts, different geographies and demographics. Most importantly you must brand the same message over and over to your followers with the same call to action, value proposition, and @username which builds trust before you can truly expect to gain new customers and massive sales.

It usually takes 2-3 months for “new” products to really hit their stride and demonstrate Instagram’s incredible return on your budget (ROI). Pace yourself and your budget and work with account owners who are quick & professional to respond.

Some products on Instagram sell out immediately due to their high relevance, demand or trend in the news. Some people can generate sales off of one single advertisement on one Instagram account. The more specific the product being sold can be matched up against that same niche account where you will find your prime customers is what will drive maximum success.

Some people rely on high level male or female and age demographics, as mass market advertising targeting strategies in order to get a competitive priced bang for their budget which can establish themselves as the market leader early on for new products.

Another one of my secret strategies that I figured out years ago was to “like & comment” on another account’s photo or video that was just posted. For maximum results, this step is usually done in the first 5 minutes of the post that is being “boosted” with likes and comments which helps drive the photo or video higher up in peoples feed algorithms as well as the explore page! I go in depth on how to achieve maximum effectiveness with this strategy in my InstaWealth Growth System.

Alternatively, when you post a photo on Instagram, you can like up to 8 other photos or videos from the people you follow. These 8 likes turn into 8 thumbnail notifications in your follower’s activity. You can like 20 photos, but the last 8 photos you like will only be shown, therefore, the value of this step will diminish with a greater number of likes. By following this tactic, you can drive other people to view the photo or video you have liked maximizing their exposure to your followers.

If you are personally representing yourself on Instagram and have grown a large following you might want to look into the various Influencer Marketing Communities that allow you to list your Instagram profile in various verticals where major brands look for Influencers to work with to promote their brands!

You don’t need to have millions of followers to become an Influencer Marketer on Instagram, just a nice following with great engagement. I have seen people with 10k followers make over $100 per post to promote new shoes, clothing and alcohol! I review several of the top Influencer Community platforms in my InstaWealth Growth System in order to show you where you should be signing up to make money with your personal Instagram profile!

Want to know where even more Instagram money is easily hiding? Sign up for my InstaWealth Growth System and I will teach you everything you need to know STEP-BY-STEP to grow a following in a niche you are passionate about in order to TURN YOUR Instagram PLAY TIME into MONEY MAKING TIME!

There is so much advertising money out there and even more money coming to Instagram month after month as brands & businesses take advantage of Instagram to advertise their products & services!

My Wolf Millionaire STEP-BY-STEP video guides are the most complete, up to date STEP-BY-STEP tutorials out there. In fact, they always have been since I launched just over a year ago.

With 24+ hours and 80+ episodes of easy to follow along “do this, and do that” I walk you through everything on my mobile device so you can follow along at your own pace!

I even update my course monthly at no extra cost to YOU! I just want to help you find the same success my students and I have achieved by following our passions and using Instagram to make money!

The best part is that you can watch my online video guides as many times as you’d like, to learn at your own pace on your laptop or mobile device from anywhere in the world.


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